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After 3 editions who brought together near 1 million visitors at the Bay of Armação de Pêra, the upcoming edition of Pirate Week will take place in the idyllic fishing village of Senhora da Rocha, Porches, Lagoa.

Pirate Week 2017 - New Lands Uncharted goes from July 21 to 25 at Senhora da Rocha, Porches - Lagoa.

Pirate Week is a place where history and fairy tales come together into a 5-days festival that recreates the joy and the thrill of piracy imaginary for the entire family. At Pirate Week 2017 you will not only find a new exciting story at a new landscape but also the real delightful flavors of the good old days, as well as the real treasures of master craftsmen and jewelers.

Save the dates, dress up the entire family and join this great adventure of wonders, joy and discoveries. It's free entry.

July 21

Whispers of the Fisherman

It's all so quiet at the peaceful village of Lady of the Rock. But, suddenly, terrifying whispers come from an old fisherman - tales of piracy, theft and blood widespread in the neighborhood. Would it be true?

July 22

New Lands

After a great demand on the shore, infamous pirates heard about Lady of the Rock, who shines at night to keep fishermen safe. A brutal invasion to steal the hidden treasure is about to begin.

July 23

Holy Lady!

Pirates are now in town and it's time to setup their bohemian lifestyle at this new safe port. Songs of joy and suspicious promises are being used as baits for the unaware ladies. Dirty pleasures before the assault.

July 24

Quest of the hidden Maze

Pirates found hints of a hidden maze who leads to the holy treasure inside the rocks. However, Lady of the Rock is surrounded by witches and wizards, who may be lying to protect their best-kept secrets from the nasty pirates.

July 25

The Curse of the Eternal Fire

A dramatic event takes place. The outcome will dramatically change the peaceful town of Lady of the Rock. Flags out, it's time for the great (bloody) escape, but will pirates succeed? Arghhhhh!!

Dress up and join us!

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